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Capsules Cyto Forte – the new, innovative drug against cystitis, which is composed exclusively of vegetable ingredients. Unique Formula effectively combats with acute and chronic forms of the disease, which is confirmed by the studies. The quality and safety Cyto Forteand also the purity of the ecological components is confirmed by the certificates of conformity and quality, presented on the website of the manufacturer. Order and buy the medication in France at a discounted price on the official website, taking advantage of the current action.

The single action of a drug

Almost one out of three women in most of the countries of the world suffer from some form of cystitis, and France is no exception in this disappointing statistics.

Pain when the cystitis

This is due, firstly, the characteristic structure of the female body – short and wide urethra conducive to easy penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the mucosa of the bladder caused by and. coli E. Coli. Accompanied by a disease with extremely unpleasant symptoms:

The long study of scientists, doctors and pharmacists have allowed us to develop a composition exclusively from natural ingredients. The drug respects the anatomical structure and the physiological characteristics of women, suitable for ages from 18 to 50 years, helps in case of severe and relapsing form of chronic cystitis.

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The medication by cystitis Cyto Forte bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, recovery and immunostimulant. The complex of active principles of vegetable substances offers fast action and digestibility. Already after the first dose provides significant relief after 17 minutes, and does not cause bacterial resistance. No drug components afford to take the tool without the advice of a physician, long and physically painful for the patient queues at the clinic, and also allows you to avoid the hospitalization in the absence of the effect with the traditional antibiotic therapy.

Capsules Cyto Forte they offer the following advantages:

Composition Cyto Forte – only natural ingredients!

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The opinion of a doctor

Dr. Urologist Nicolas Nicolas
10 years
According to the statistics, almost one in three women in France has to face in an unpleasant way of disease, such as cystitis. Traditionally for the treatment apply antibiotics, addictive, and a lot of side effects. Unlike them, capsules Cyto Forte contains a complex of active ingredients of herbal substances, that destroy effectively the bacteria and does not develop resistance. This medication by cystitis the past clinical studies and has shown positive results in 98% of cases.